Helvetista 01

“Helvetista #1”
by Dies C.

“Sekumpulan muda-mudi penyuka bahasa dan sastra, Diana, Billy, Lani, dan Mary, melakukan perjalanan ke Eropa.
Namun ternyata kegemaran mereka terhadap film horor, berdampak pada perjalanan mereka.
Apa yang akan mereka temukan di sana?
Kejadian apakah yang menanti mereka?
Kisah ini tentang perjalanan, persahabatan, pertengkaran, cinta, dan obsesi.”

A5 size. 28 pages. 25k


“Helvetistä #2”
by. Dies C.

“Diana, Billy, Lani, dan Mary, adalah sekumpulan muda-mudi penyuka bahasa dan sastra. Mereka pergi jalan-jalan ke Finlandia, dan tinggal di tempat Helmii, seorang penulis novel macabre yang dikenal Diana melalui internet.
Namun mereka menemukan kejanggalan pada diri Helmii, yang meskipun sangat ramah, tapi menyimpan banyak rahasia.
Apa yang akan terjadi pada mereka?
Rahasia apakah yang disimpan Helmii di dalam menara rumahnya?”

a5 size. 32 pages. 25k

Moi Cherie 01

“Moi, Chérie”
by Dies C. & Oliver.T

“He never cared much about dolls. But when he found Chérie in the garbage, his heart was moved. He took her home and fixed her. But he did not know much about her yet.”

a5 size. 32 pages. 25k

Moi Cherie 02

“Moi, Chérie 2”
by Dies C & Oliver.T

“When he found her among the garbage in the street she was a doll, a special doll with a troubled past. After a while at her new home, she became fascinated by the books and records around her on the shelf, where he’d put her. And she realized she could become more than just a doll on the shelf, she could be … Chérie.
And he, what shall he do with the strange young lady?”

a5 size. 28 pages. 25k

Moi Cherie 03

“Moi, Chérie 3”
by. Dies C. & Oliver T.

“When I dance, I get lost in the music. I also like to read, or go to the theater, or to the movies. It all keeps me from asking myself: “Who am I?” – When I was rescued from the trash, I surely was a doll. But now, as I stepped from the shelf into this world, I am not so sure. Why does my heart beat so strong when I see my rescuer smiling at me? Could it mean, I’ve become human?”

a5 size. 26 pages. 25k

Raksasa Merah

“Serial Interpretasi Mimpi, Raksasa Merah”
by Dies C.& Alfiati W.

“Tantri berlari dan berlari. Kata hatinya mengatakan, bahwa ia harus menjauhi raksasa merah itu!
Tantri terbangun dengan terengah-engah. Firasat apakah ini?”

A5 size. 28 pages. 25k



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